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Some years ago, when our website was first introduced, the idea of offering genuine Florentine meats to our customers seemed out of the question, but thanks to our Saccardi Butcher, we are now able to let you share and enjoy our Florentine meats, the kind we buy at our local butcher in Florence. We Florentines call our meat ciccia as we are rather fussy about the choice and the cut, whether it be Florentine bistecca (steak), or whole joints like rib roasts, or Florentine cuts like rosetta, lucertolo, bicchiere. To choose a really good steak alla Fiorentina, the meat needs to be cut a good 3 or 4 cm thick and weigh at least a kilo. We must then decide whether to take it with the fillet or from the loin. It might seem hard to believe, but now you can receive your Florentine meat from the splendid selection of ciccia (meat) from our friendly butcher Roberto. It will arrive, vacuum packed, in less than 24 hours.

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2pce Kitchen Knife Set,Olive Wood Handle,with case

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